The Dalgona Effect!

  1. Just stay with me! It is tough to sit at a place and type when all you want to do is jump around like a ping pong ball! I swear to God, I’ll tell you what went wrong! Yup, I am high and absolutely clueless about what to do now! I’m so high that I did the dishes even when I knew I could stuff them in the dishwasher tomorrow morning! (That’s right! I gave up and bought a dishwasher!)

After doing that, I went bullshitting big-time in whatsapp friends groups and then I figured, why bullshit on a smaller scale when you could Go Global! (Plus I was a tad bit scared of them kicking me outta those groups!😊)

SO HERE I AM! I’ve no clue what I’m gonna write about but I am gonna write….just like Crime Master Gogo! *Aaayi hoon toh kuch likh kar hi jaaungi!*

I’ve put in effort in opening the laptop and logging into, I AM GONNA BULLSHIT! NOBODY CAN STOP ME! Coz basically no one cares! 😀 Also, you love me for my BS, don’t you? 🥰

Let me start with a bit of background…

A while back, when Dalgona Coffee was a thing, I just had to make it…not coz I follow trends, but I love Coffee! (Despite of so much love for coffee, I don’t have it often and I’ll tell u why…but a little later!)

So after adding perfect amount of Coffee, sugar & water in the bowl I whipped….and whipped some more…and whipped till my arm fell off the socket! Sadly, there was no voila moment! It still looked like a dark muddy puddle in my bowl!

That is when I learnt that it has to be instant coffee for it to become glossy & frothy! So with a heavy heart and super disappointed taste buds, I went online and hunted for the perfect cuppa! That is when I landed on! And I ordered four different flavors of instant coffee! (Oh! I remember mentioning it in my ‘The Damsel in Dishtress’! 😀 )

The Delayed Delivery

Finally when the world was done with Dalgona and flushing it too, I got my pack a couple of days ago. With literally zero excitement, today I opened the pack and pulled out the berry flavored coffee! AND DUDE! THE BERRY DALGONA TASTED YUM!

With my taste buds doing chicken dance on my tongue with unexpected inflow of the coffee after literally ages (well, figuratively), I completely forgot what coffee does to me!

Teenage Hormones!

Back in the day, when it was the in-thing to meet friends at Baristas & CCDs, I had my first meet cute with coffee! Being raised in a household where tea and coffee were considered to be awful addictions, I did not know how caffeine affects our bodies, to be specific, my body!

There was this particular friend whose company I absolutely enjoyed and it was kinda weird coz it left me with a mighty high for hours, even after coming home! I used to be all jumpy-bubbly-excited till I was totally exhausted! I believed it was just teenage hormones!

We used to meet at crosswords, surrounded by books and intoxicating aroma of coffee! We had such profound conversations over that cup of latte! It felt like we really connected! We still do! (Needless to say, Ram hates him! 😛 )

Unfortunately, I took years to realize that while we definitely connected and the conversations were amazing… turns out, it wasn’t him behind that high! IT WAS THE FREAKING CAFFEINE THAT GAVE ME THE KICK!! 😳


So this is ‘The Dalgona Effect’ that is happening right now! (Ah! Finally got my blog title!) I am not able to focus on one thing! It is so tough to even type! Remember ping pong ball? It’s jumping on my keyboard and there’s a lot of backspacing!

And you know what is going to happen now? It is going to be freaking zombie apocalypse at home, hungry zombie apocalypse at that! (That’s what Ram calls it! But aren’t zombies always hungry? Anywho!) I am going to move around all night in the house like a zombie, hunting in kitchen for some extremely unhealthy snacks till I exhaust myself and wake Ram up at 3 am to talk, coz I always have so much to talk! 😲 (The bugger is so smart that when he learnt that I had coffee today, under the pretense of putting the kids to sleep, he slept off dodging the bullet…or the ball, the tiny little ping pong ball! But don’t you worry hon….I’ll bug the hell outta him at 3! I promise! 😀 )

Wrapping up!

Now that I wrote this one! It feels so pointless! I’ve been thinking of writing a blog on ‘How Game Of Thrones ruined me!’ or ‘How we live with imperfect love/spouses!’ and most of all, the travel blogs! IDK when I will start writing about the Travels! 😛

Bullshitting is just so addictive! More addictive than coffee apparently! It leaves you with such a happy high, unlike coffee! This is just uncomfortable, restless, pointless high!

EVERY TIME I have coffee, Ram looks deep into my eyes with *Kyun peeti ho itna ke bardaasht hi na kar paao!* In response to that, I plead him to remind me to never have it again! (But just like all the saviors of our economy, I too am not able to give it up for good! Someday….may be someday….)

Your turn!

Talking about happy highs, what gives you one? What is that one cheap thrill in your life? Talking nonstop nonsense is what makes me happy & high! Tell me what’s your poison in comments section below!

P.S. : Now, I’d have loved to put a fancy picture of Dalgona Coffee here but my love for food (& beverages) is so intense that I just can’t take a moment out and whip out those glass glasses to click a pretty picture before gulping it all down! (And coffee in steel glasses look just so uncool!) So I’m just gonna be self-obsessed like I always am and put a picture of mine! Cheers to self-love hon! 🥂

Good night, Shubh ratri & Shabba khair! ABC IN KBC ROCKS! 😈

P.S. : I’m feeling so naughty right now for publishing this without showing it to Ram! I generally keep the draft for three four days and then go ahead with it! This feels like an adventure! Instant publishing! Okay I’ll stop & B S-ing!😊 Final goodnight! 🌜

PC: Ankur Fotografia!