Not A Gold Digger Part II

For the whole story, click here & read Part I!

So I am not the gold digger types. I mean, I don’t dig gold! If you’ve seen me, I wear this one pair of gold earrings all the time and when I say all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME!  It is again from Tanishq and its a kind of hoop but not exactly a hoop…something like a flat hoop!  Basically I don’t like the ones with rod behind coz it hurts when I sleep!  Err…I mean….You know what I mean right? The regular ones…the screwing in ones?!  And then last year I bought this very dull, non-artistic, non-delicate looking finger ring…it is funny how I think the object chooses you rather than you choosing it!  AND THIS JHUMKAS I WAS FORCED TO BUY DID NOT CHOOSE ME!

On the billing counter, I was feeling so defeated!  Why is Ram buying these jhumkas at all when I said that I did not like them!  While in low tone I kept telling him that I hate them and we should come again to buy some other time….the billing was already done!  We stepped out and I was all pissed while Ram tried to calm me down!

While driving back the drama continued….

Me:  Why did you buy it even after me saying that I hated them!

Him:  I saw the sparkle in your eyes when you saw them the first time and it usually doesn’t lie! 

Me:  My eyes sparkled MORE when I saw that platinum ring!

Him:  Even your mum asked you to buy gold instead of platinum!

So when my mum says something, it is almost like “Patthar Ki Lakeer” (Carved in stone) types….I generally do not go against it. (Except for when it came to picking a guy for me!)  More than trusting her wisdom, I trust my stupidity!  So I calmed down a bit and thanked Ram for being so patient with me and putting up with my tantrums!  Few cuddles and it ended there! (Or so we thought!)

Ram dropped me home….I picked Dhruvi….made her eat something….and then I opened the Tanishq box!  Please feel free to call it “Pandora’s Box”!  The danglers did not sit well on my ears and it all came back to me! Now, it is not like Myntra or Jabong where you could return things if you don’t like them and get your money back! You lose a decent chunk as “making charges” if and when return it and buy something else! Now feeling all helpless and furious at the same time, I called Ram who was on his way to office!

And the banter went on…

Me:  You tell me to not let anyone walk over me and now I let you do that to me!  I did not want to buy it! Why did you have to sleep so much? You could have given up your morning nap and we could have started a bit early!  It would have given me couple of hours extra to check out more stuff!

Him:  You did check out a lot of stuff and in the end you asked me to pick one for you!

Me:  I asked you to “help” me pick one! NOT ACTUALLY PICK ONE!

Him:  Tu ruk, raat ko ghar aata hoon phir shaanti se baat karte hai!  (You wait till I come home tonight and we’ll talk at leisure!)

I hung up, I am pretty understanding that way.  And yeah, Ram is extraordinarily patient! (But don’t be jealous of me yet! God compensated big-time by making him ultra stubborn! It is always a package deal, right?) But now where would all the built up rage go! I just had to vent it out and who do you call when you’re a wreck?! Yup, I too called my Ma!

My father picked up the phone and I don’t understand this!  If I call on your phone you pick up and when I call on mum’s phone, she has to pick up right?! (Actually it is not his fault!  When mum doesn’t pick up her phone, I call on my fathers phone to talk to my mum!  And then I die of guilt when I have to say “Please give the phone to mummy” immediately after he picks up!)  Well, when he gave the phone to mum, I went all guns blazing, “Did Ram buy this for me or just for investment!  And in that case he should have just bought a coin! Why actually go and pretend that we are buying something for me!”

The bitching went on for a while and then my mum, who I had woken up AGAIN from her sleep, tried to calm me down but that made me burst into tears! I cried like a baby!  Now babies look super cute when they cry and I looked anything but that! It was that ugly crying that you wish no one EVER sees!

So then Mummy went with “If you had lost gold, it would have made sense in crying!  You just got something home! It is still gold!”…and all that….but what concluded the episode and made me break into giggles even while crying was, “You don’t like them? I will buy it!  Bas? Tu Shaant Thai Jaa! (You calm down)”.  And that made me cry again!! How lucky am I to get her!  I told her that I missed her! I missed her food!  And that I was so hungry!

After a bit of mush like “I miss you too, I love you too and please come here and be with me”, we had a long session on what she shopped for her & me and all the crazy gossip about her trips! MAN! DO I LOVE THAT WOMAN!

Now, while you might think my behavior and reaction was completely irrational but the fact remains!  Let me tell you this point wise!

  1. Ram should have sacrificed his nap. 
  2. Since he didn’t, he probably should have taken me there to pick something again next week. 
  3. I very well know that he is not buying this for investment!  He should have let me pick the ring! Coz if if does not give me happiness, what’s the point?!
  4. I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast!
  5. So PMS does things to people, Okay?! Now bugger off!

Now put your hand on your heart and tell me this!  Do you really think I was just over the top about everything?  Wasn’t my reaction justified?

And I am curious…did this ever happen to you? (Or I should really take up yoga and meditation?!)

Meanwhile, can you believe these innocent beauties could be the reason behind so much drama & chaos?