Aquaman – The Crush Saga Continues!

Remember what I said about Extramarital Crushes in my apparently most viewed and controversial blog? Crushes usually take it course and eventually fade away and that is what precisely happened to *Dash*! *Dash* met his dot and I moved on to someone hot! 😀

It’s funny how God works in mysterious ways! Being a stay-at-home-mum, my interaction with outside world is literally limited and that makes Ram a happy man! 😛 But like I mentioned in my previous blog, our house is under construction hence we’ve been visiting a lot of showrooms and studios! And that is how I met *Aquaman*! 😀

It’s crazy when you got your rights and wrongs super straight but still can’t stop but have a crush or two! So, How does the story go when married/committed people have crushes? There you go! 😛

The New Kid On The Block!

Couple of months back, one sunny evening, we went to a studio to check out material for our new house. As it turns out, it was a family owned studio and the owner’s sons were handling different line of business. The owner and all his sons were such nice people, helping us out in picking the right things and offering huge discounts too! (Yay! Even the mention of the word ‘discount’ makes the Gujju in me so happy! 😀 )

Well, after wrapping up, while getting in the car, I told Ram, “People here so are so nice and helpful, right?” and Ram went, “But *Aquaman* was extra nice and helpful, right?” lol (We’re calling him ‘Aquaman’ coz it’s befitting & I’ve the hots for Khal Drogo aka Jason Momoa!💘)

Faux-naif, I looked at him quizzically, to which he said, “You like him, don’t you?” The bugger knows me SO WELL! Honestly, it was a crush at first….um…few lines! 😛 (I don’t think I can ever fall for just looks!)


The man was humble, polite, pleasant looking and best of all, he talked so well! For a minute, I wished I were single….It would be so cool to actually know him! To know what kind of person he is or if he has a good sense of humor! (That would make a complete package, right?) 😛

It is amusing how I can fool the entire world by keeping a straight face but Ram can read right through the facade! 😛 So, with a huge un-wipeable guilty grin, I asked Ram how did he know! He said “You like men who’re fit!” Well, fit was never on my list but the bugger was right! And then my un-wipeable grin was wiped in a min because he had hit me in my weak spot! 😛

Fit is the new sexy & Slacker, the new genius!

Ram is a guy who takes kaam-chori to a different level altogether! For instance, sometime back, when I pestered him to clean his wardrobe, you know what he did? He dumped all his clothes in a bed-sheet and gave it for ironing! The next day all his clothes arrived in neat stacks which he very conveniently put in his wardrobe! Now, I’ve no clue if to call him an a**hole of a slacker or freaking genius! 😛

Well, it would have been easier if he were just lazy guy! The bugger is a sucker for sweets! Basically over the years, he has mastered the art of being happy! On the down side, he is no where close to being ‘fit’! Which most of the times, is the reason behind all our big fights! (But he still keeps saying, “Last time dekhle iss pet ko, baad me dekhneko nahi milega fir miss karegi!… YEAH RIGHT! :P)

Look at that expression! What a Rasmalaai can do to him, even I cant! 😛

Well, the car conversation ended with me sarcastically saying, “Gee! Thank you for noticing!” And needless to say, Ram made the *Aquaman* famous in my family & friend circle in no time coz that’s what he was born for, embarrassing and annoying me!


Interestingly, the company stopped production of the material we wanted and it went out of stock. Now, I was too much in love with it to let go of it! *Aquaman* tried his best to help me out with providing multiple options which were very similar to the original one and in that process, we ended up whatsapping quite often. But the conversations were always formal, straight forward & to-the-point.

Funnily, even with my crazy streak, I tend to like men who are very straight forward, honest & no-nonsense people. And the thing about me is, I am absolutely awesome at keeping things very normal with my crushes! Like if I have a crush on you, you’ll never find out! NEVER! (Unless some jerk of a common friend I confided in, sells me out! :P)

Uttrayan Trip to Baroda!

In between, while I was in Baroda, Ram went to pick up the some stuff we ordered from their studio and literally NO ONE recognized him there! They treated him like a new customer! When he reminded them of the things he went to pick up, they recognized him as “Chandani’s Husband!” 😛

Interestingly, he totally blames it on his beard! (or the absence of it) He believes, just coz he shaved that day no one recognized him, which I don’t think is true! 😛 And the kind of sadist that Ram is, he rang me and told me, “*Aquaman* was cheating on you! He was showing other women his goods!” 😛

Eventually, since I did not like the alternatives, we ended up ordering the material from Baroda! (and paying a mini bomb just for the transport) This meant that my conversation with Aquaman would die a natural death and it did! But God just wanted to give me a reason to smile and probably help me out a bit with my age old question! Do people who you have crush on, have a crush on you too? 😛

Back to present!

Couple of days back, I tried to call the other guy from the same studio regarding some query and he didn’t pick up the phone. So, I called *Aquaman* coz I really needed help! And then something cool happened!

The moment he picked up the phone, in a very husky deep voice he said, “Hello Chandani, How are you? I was just thinking about you today morning, for no particular reason!” Instinctively, I went with “Oh okay! Great! Would you know anything about *my query*?” He promptly responded, “Nope! You might want to drop a message and ask him to call you up.” And that’s where it ended.

And then it hit me! This was huge! 😀 He might not have a crush on me but dude! He thinks about me! 😀

Family Drama!

I was playing the line again and again in my head and blushing like a stupid teenager and that is exactly when my mum-papa video-called! Since I’m easy, my mum decoded me instantly and asked what my chimp-smile was all about! I told her the reason. And there I saw it again! That amusement mixed with pride-wala smile, like they were saying in unison, “Yedi hai par meri hai”, exactly like the last time!

What I did not know was that my brother was working from home that day and poor thing heard my entire kooky tale! With all his might, he tried to divert the topic by asking about the house, but I could still see the hint of exasperated smile on his face! 😛 (God! It’s so awesome to come out of the closet with your craziness! You never have to pretend to be sane with your family!)

Well, after we hung up, the next call directly went to Ram! 😀 Proudly, I announced that *Aquaman* was thinking about me today morning! He instantly killed my mojo with “Ek baat bata, tere bare me log subah subah hi kyun sochte hai?!” 😛

Wrapping up!

Well, till I know, this is where the story ends, coz after all what can a committed gal do about her crushes!? (except for blushing & blogging about it!) 😛 Plus, I’m a talker, not a doer! (You already know how I struggle with laziness!)

Honestly, I’ve met him just once and I don’t even remember how he looks like but I so wish that he reads my blogs, IDK why! (& just coz I said I don’t remember what he looks like, Ram is trying hard to convince me that he sports a squint and stammers a little!) 😛

But let’s hope Sharukh Khan is right once again and you and I both get to hear, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!” 😛 (Man! The line is so cringe worthy … but fits in so well!) 😀

Big Question

Alright, this question has been on my mind since forever! Do you believe, people you have crush on, have a crush on you too?

Like, what are the chances! In comment section below, throw in some crazy logic, numbers, ratios, pie charts, whatever, if your answer is YES! (and detailed solutions on how to make your crush have a crush on you if your answer is NO!) 😛

*Aquaman*: The name is changed to protect the privacy of the innocent! 😛

PC: Ankur Fotografia (Buddy, thanks for clicking me even when I suck so bad at something basic like winking! 😀