Happy New Year! – Milestones, Goals, Challenges, Resolutions & Laziness

I’ve had one of the awesome-est new year’s eve this year!  Crazy partying, dancing ‘like’ drunken monkeys, 3 am heart-to-heart conversations, 5 am shivers in a foggy balcony in Bangalore-ki-thandi, witnessing a beautiful sunrise after literally ages and finally the 8 am-mug full of ginger-chai with my pack; It was just perfect!  You know what wasn’t? The next (same) day!  My little Frankensteins woke us up at 11 am and with just three hours of sleep, we were like zombies for the next few days!  I really wanted to post this on 31st December 2018 but coz of all this, the post got delayed a bit!

I Know, I know!  It is a little too late to wish you Happy 2019, but better late than wishing the same in 2022, right?  In a way, nothing really changed except for the date….but it is great to think of it as a reason for a fresh start, for retrospection and introspection, for resolutions and setting bigger goals and most importantly, partyyyyyying! 

Milestones 2018

As I look back, 2018 has been one of the best years of my life so far, full of milestones!

  • My passport finally lost its virginity and that too with “Europe Ka Thappa”!! (Imagine my face with a wicked grin here!!) *In Your Face* to my crazy cousins who pestered me with “At least Nepal to jaake aaja…go get your passport stamped!”  I would have said the same to Ram as well for his “Let me ask my father to put his “Physical Director” wala stamp on it!” but I have already penalized the bugger enough for saying that to me!
  • We finally got a place we could call our own in Bangalore! (We will get the possession in mid 2019!)
  • Met a bunch of kick-ass awesome people and boy! Did we party! (I had this major regret of being mostly sane throughout my life! Now, I can proudly say “Been there, done that!” to my kids when they grow up and substantiate the claim with some very interesting stories!)

I do have some really fun pictures that my mother wouldn’t approve of!  So, just for saving myself from some prolonged lectures, I’ve decided against posting them! 

  • Most importantly, this blog happened!  I know that I am not able to write as often as I want to!  I actually have a long list of things that I would love to write on but overcoming my natural sloth is a herculean task!

Goal 2019

Well, I have one single goal for 2019 and you will be the first to know if and when it works out! (And No! It is not weight loss…I’ve kind of accepted myself with all my flaws and I very happily blame it onto my kids! ….but the truth is, I LOVE FOOD!)

Challenge 2019

So, the goal is clear and I even know what exactly to do to achieve it but do you know laziness is a b*tch?  God! I’ve no clue how to win against that! When I wake up, I truly-genuinely-actually intend to change the world and make a difference BUT after a short nap!  And in my world, short naps are as nonexistent as unicorns in my hair!  As if it was less of a challenge to fight laziness and procrastination, I have gotten myself into yet another catch 22-ish mess!

I am basically nocturnal, I love it when everyone sleeps so I can be on my own, listen to music or write or just have my green tea looking at the trucks! I basically thrive at nights while all I want to do during day time is nap, which kind of worked for me!

Ram believes that staying up at nights has screwed up my cycle so he tried to change my natural rhythm and got me into habit of sleeping early.  You know what that has resulted into?  Now, I sleep early at night AND nap all day! (unless we have some fun plans!)  I do bare minimums….like making sure kids are clean and well fed but more often then not, I am pretty much logging hours into my bed!  I am absolutely aware that it is royal waste of time and I so want to snap out of it but I am pretty clueless about how to do that!

Resolution 2019

One way or the other, I want to find a way out!  Actually, would love any kind of help on this!  Sensible suggestions, crazy ideas, Gharelu Nuskheys….just shoot and I’ll try it!  And if it works, I’ll send tons of blessings your way! 

Wish 2019

Well, I’ve very high hopes from 2019!  I wish this new year brings us innumerable warm hugs and passionate kisses, genuine smiles and hearty laughs, soulful travels and crazy adventures, more than a few precious moments worth cherishing and may we become the best versions of ourselves in 2019!

Happy New year, Sweets!

Loads of love and God bless!

Chandani 🙂

PS: The post picture has been clicked by, the supremely talented, Nirav Bajaj!  I actually wanted to get this photoshoot done before launching highonoomph.com but we couldn’t really find the suitable time!  But yay! We finally made it!  Thanks a million for such wonderful pictures, Nirav! (also for putting up with a sloppy amateur like me!)  You are a rockstar! 😀